The Preschool program promotes the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical and social growth of the young children at Saint Paul School. Language is the development of communication skills that enable a child to share his/her world with others. These skills are achieved through listening, music, and  finger plays, as well as alphabet activities and conclude with the writing of their names.  Math readiness skills such as colors, shapes, classifying, patterns, numerals and counting sets are practiced using manipulatives, play experiences and story telling.  Preschool at Saint Paul School also strives to develop life skills and personal development skills as well.  Fine and gross motor goals are set for the children, as well as self-help skills are developed on a daily basis. Students at Saint Paul Preschool also benefit from extra-curricular classes such as Computer, Library, Art and Physical Education.  Preschool children begin their faith formation at Saint Paul’s as well, focusing on God’s World, family, friends and simple explanations of seasons of the Church year, as well as participating in school prayer and monthly Mass.






Mrs. Jennifer Larsh 

Mrs.. Larsh has an Early Childhood Degree from Rhode Island College and is certified by the RI Department of Education in this field. Mrs. Larsh has been the Preschool teacher for the first three years of our program. She has experienced many seminars and workshops in her field and enjoys bringing this knowledge back to the classroom. In 2012 she started as the Pre-K teacher. Mrs. Larsh, together with her husband, have a daughter and a son.





Supplies List
  1. 1. Large Ziploc bag with a change of clothes
    (underwear, socks and seasonal clothes are sufficient) in case of accidents.
  2. Small blanket and pillow for rest time
  3. 4 large glue sticks (white only)
  4. 2 boxes of regular 8 count crayons
  5. 1 container of wipes
  6. 1 container of sanitizing wipes
  7. 1 box of tissues
  8. 2 folders- 1 for home and 1 to stay in school
  9. Backpack, large enough to fit both a lunchbox and folder easily. ( No wheels, please)
  10. Lunchbox
  11. 1 box of sandwich zipper bags
  12. Emergency forms all updated and complete
  13. Please be sure to label all items!



    *We will follow a navy blue & gray code-
    Skirt, shorts, sweatpants, shirt, sweatshirt-
    all elastic bands




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